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5/4/06 06:49 pm

hey everybody....so i'm really excited right now.... my dad is finally leaving...YAY!!!... so yeah today i hurt my toe but right now i really don't care... i'm that excited....and i'm still with my baby kyle which is really good... it'll be 6 months on may 9th so yeah i'm excited about that... but yeah now i'm really really really excited lol love ya'll byes


4/21/06 07:09 am

hey everyone......so today will be my lsat day on livejournal for a while... just because i'm gettin tired of updating and noone commmenting them so.....and plus i'm going to six flags tomorrow with kyle and stephenie so....it will be so much fun....just think we get up at 5 in the morning leave by 6 and sleep on the way down there and have fun for like 6 hours then we leave and come home about 9 or 10 that night and we'll sleep on the way back so....it aught to be fun...(i hope thats how you spell it)..... well anyway i'm gonna go i've got to go to school then go to the bank then work then six flags....its funny i dont even have time to sleep anymore...lol...<33333 byes

4/9/06 02:58 pm

so wuts up everybody i know i havent updated in a while because everything in my life right now is like hell... my home is nothing but yeliing.... and most of the time its because of me but i dont know what i did to start it ... thats the bad thing... it seems like right now the only thing thats good in my life right now is my friends....i dont know what else to do..... i've tried everything the only one that can actually calm me down when i'm upset is kyle and ive thanked him so many times for it and ive written hime so many poems for him to thank him.... i dont know why he puts up with me...... i love him so much... heres one of the poems i wrote for him

To me you can do anything
To me you’re my world
You take care of me
And I know I’m your world

I feel like I’m on top of the world
You always make me feel this way
How do you do it
What game do you play?

When I’m with you
There’s nothing I can’t do
With you here by my side

3/23/06 09:38 pm

So yeah spring break is ok..... I got to see my baby all week.... Yay......GOO!!!! Hehehe...... But yeah we went and played paintball wednesday and i didnt play of course but hey i got hit in the head...It hurt really bad.... I LOVE YOU BABY!!!! ...... And thursday (today) we went to oak mountain and we went hiking.... It was fun.. But it would have been more fun with my baby there... :( ... It made me sad cause he had to work..... But its ok cause he came over afterward....... Yay!!!! ....... But he has to work tomorrow but its ok cause I'll get to see him before he goes to work and after when he gets off..... GOO!!!!
.... But yeah..... I'm gonna go..... Love ya'll...Byes!!! .... I LOVE YOU BABY!!!!

3/13/06 06:21 pm - yesterday was good

ok so yesterday was good me and stephenie went to watermark so i could look for a job and in the process she bought me a pair of flip flops and some sunglasses..... thank you stephenie, i love you!!! lol........ but anyway when we got back it was time for me to go to church so i dropped stephenie off and picked up kyle and went to church and after church it was awesome.... me, kyle, mitch, and heather went to KFC and got some chicken then went to her dads house and ate it.... and while we were eatin heather put in anchorman.... which i have to say is the funniest movie ever lol.... but anyway yeah so after the movie i took mitch and kyle home..... well i took mitch home then me and kyle went to talk and no stephenie we didnt "talk" we talked.... but yeah i g2g love ya byes.... I LOVE YOU BABY!!!!!

3/4/06 09:53 pm - WONDERFUL!!!!

OMG!!!! I had the most wonderful day in the world!!! Kyle took me shopping, to the movies and out to eat!!! It was the best day ever!! Well first we went to Goody's and got two t-shirts and 2 pairs of jeans. They're really cute!!! Then went to the movies... We saw Date Movie..... It was hilarious!!!! Then we went out to eat at Applebees... It was delicious!!! Then we went to my grandmother's house to get my birthday present.... 50 bucks buddy... oh yeah!!!! LOL!!! Then by then it was 9 so we decided to go home.... but i had the best time!!! So far this has been the best day of my life.... and I'm loving every minute of it!!! I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH BABY!!!! BYES!!!!!

2/23/06 06:31 pm - well this really sucks

well this is really rather homosexual (parents) what else right? lol my dad told me that i can't get on myspace anymore cause he heard on "talk radio" that people were hacking into myspace and gettin young girls information and then girls get kidnapped which is bad but lets see the first time he ever saw me on myspacxce he didnt like it so you know kinda got a feelin that he didnt even hear it he just made it up so i wont get on it anymore which stephenie will agree with me that of course he would do a thing like this cause he's really stupid like that well enough of me being pissed off lol i g2g love ya'll byes!! I LOVE YOU BABY!!!

2/18/06 03:22 pm

yeah so we got back from district the other day and yeah we got all 1's and were going to state heck yes buddy!! lol but yeah last night was the bomb!!! me, kyle, heather, and mitch all went to my house and watched movies,we watched house of wax and bewitched so yeah it was fun and today is my little cousins b day party so yeah and i guess it'll be alright but i'm not lookin forward to it like at all cause you know how 8 year old parties are there kinda dull when you get older but yeah well i g2g kyles on his way over here love ya'll!! I LOVE YOU BABY!!! byes!!

2/11/06 04:16 pm

so this coming up wednesday is valentines day and guess what it makes me sad that i cant get kyle anything i think i am anyway juast so i can say i did so hahahaha to you kyle (I LOVE YOU KYLE!!)so yeah help me out here girls i need help on what to get him help out here i really want to get you something but just let me know ok love ya'll byes

2/8/06 03:23 pm - YAY!!!

im happy again everythings going great me and kyle are great and stephenie and brian are good as far as i know which is great lifew is fantastic right now so yeah well i guess ill go love ya'll byes!! I LOVE YOU BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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